Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Beginning

This is a story of the journey of four women searching for laughter, love, and libation.

In the rainy city of Portland, Oregon we find ourselves dreaming of the perfect patio. As the late May rain pounds outside, we are waiting impatiently for the sidewalks to dry and the sun to shine on us. As four social and most single ladies, we will endeavor this summer to find the perfect Portland bar patio.

For us, the perfect patio has three necessary components: the potential for laughter, love, and libation. We will be rating each bar we go to by these standards. Charlene, Helen, Shannon, and me, Michele, will be your guides on the road to the perfect Portland patio and will share with you the patio-nos we will undoubtedly encounter in our quest.

So put on your sunscreen, find a designated driver, and join us!

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