Friday, May 28, 2010

Sammy's Daniel: ShanRock

NW Glisan & SE Woodstock
Portland, OR

Thanks for launching us on this worthy endeavour, ChexMex. But rather than move forward, I'm going to look back a bit . . . if you'll recall, we spent some time in a bar not too far from Spirits the night before our adventures there. I think it's particularly worth mentioning Sammy's Daniel because for better or for worse, I'm sure we all feel strongly about the 3 Ls we experienced there on the evening in question . . .

Libation: Pati-Oh-FACE!
*The booze is cheap, and you get what you pay for. But that's OK by me - I'm tight with Evan Williams (he doesn't put on airs!), who is their house liquor supplier. Also, The Daniel has ginger ale, which is a HUGE plus for me!
Laughter: Pati-Oh
*They have TONS of fun games - it's really quite the playground! They've got Big Fish, Wiffle House, little fish, BlowCardz, Spiro Gyra, & even medIum fIsh. I also applaud their strict No Camel Toe policy
Love: Pati-Oh-HELL-No!
*One word sums it up: manchildren. The boy-dults there tend to belly up to the bar, speak only to the owner, and avoid speaking to or even making eye contact with members of the opposite sex. We had to trick them to get them to hang out with us. They are nice boys, but we are grown, so we'd like to make some time with men!

In short, we LOVE this place! And if you're lucky you'll show up on a night when the owner is grilling out on the patio, or when the neighboring establishment is doing one of their impromptu karaoke nights on THEIR patio!

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